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Natural Turquoise Pendant, Faceted cut w/ Diamond Cut Chain

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Turquoise - holy, sacred, protective, healing - has an ancient history as a revered gemstone, long beloved by indigenous cultures, royalty, and hippie glam alike. 

Turquoise stretches back through the mist of time as one of the first stones to be used for human jewelry. :) 

This precious gem is worn as a protective talisman by everyone from the Aztecs and ancient Egyptians, to modern Tibetans and Native Americans. Turquoise forms a protective armory around you, shielding and strengthening as you walk bravely forward in truth & integrity. 

Turquoise represents:  Earth Wisdom • Wholeness • Protection • Integrity 

Chakras: Throat, 3rd Eye 


• Natural, Turquoise gemstone (Faceted Cut) 

• .925 Sterling Silver

• 24” long Sterling Silver Diamond Cut chain included