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Sonora Sunset, Pendant | Oval Cut

Sonora Sunset, Pendant | Oval Cut

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Sonoran Sunset gemstone, pendant! 

This gemstone goes by many, many names… “Sonoran Sunset, Sonoran Sunrise, Cuprite Chrysocolla, Sonoran Chrysocolla”. 

It is mined in Mexico state but not for long ago, as this gem is fairly new in the market - but, also scarce!

Why? Well, it was discovered around 2006 🔍 (or this being when the mine officially opened) but it’s been noticed that since 2011 this new mineral has been more difficult to find, specially good quality red & blue color qualifies. This makes it a very prized material & also rare.

Ps. The name is inspired by the breathtaking and vivid sunsets and sunrises of desert landscapes.

Although Sonoran Sunrise is often referred to as chrysocolla, the greenish area is actually bronchantite. The red-orange area is the chalcotrichite form of CUPRITE (also called red copper ore). The black area is usually the copper oxide tenorite and on occasion, there is a purplish-gray area that is cuprite. These copper secondaries impregnated a host rock of limestone, which makes Sonoran Sunrise a great lapidary material that is easy to cut and polish.

• Sonoran Sunrise gemstone, vivid blues & reds 
• Set in 925 Sterling Silver
• Chain is NOT included - To add a Sterling Silver chain with your pendant, click here

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