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Sodalite Moon

Gems & Metals

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Hand-carved Sodalite Moon piece/sculpture. This beauty can be used for meditation, holistic decorating or as a bowl for other gems or herbs.

More about Sodalite: 

More gentle than Lapis Lazuli or Turquoise, Sodalite opens the third eye to see spiritual visions and the throat to tell of them. 

It is used also as a stone to focus on meditation if your mind is a little overactive, and is useful in creative visualization when you imagine a desired scenario or object moving into your life. It can be used to help one recall ones dreams or to practice lucid dreaming. 

It is used in corning/wise woman ceremonies to welcome the wisdom of the later years & as a stone of empowerment. 

Keywords: Deepened Intuition, Enhanced Insight, Mental Performance 

Chakra: Third Eye (6th) | Element: Wind | Color: Deep blue with white flecks of calcite, occasionally indigo | Zodiac Sing: Cancer | Planet: Moon 

Born: Brazil, Canada, Namibia, India & USA 

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