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Shark Tooth | Otodus Obliquus

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Fossilised teeth from the extinct Otodus Obliquus shark. 

This mackerel shark ruled the ocean during the Paleocene and Eocene ephocs (time period), approximately 50 million years ago. These teeth are knotted for their wide triangular crown and their large side cups (sometimes multiple side cups).

Sometimes due to harsh excavation techniques, most teeth can be destroyed during the process, but you may still good quality fossil specimens like this one. The Otodus Obliquus shark would still be bigger than any other carnivorous shark in our present days, scientist suggest that they grew up to 9 meters (30 feet long)! 

Must have for any beginner fossil enthusiast or collector, kids will love it too!

Each shark tooth is approx. 1'' 
You'll receive the exact teeth on the image, all fossils are carefully pack for delivery.