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Prehnite, Tower Point w/ druzy

Prehnite, Tower Point w/ druzy

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Prehnite possesses a mesmerizing apple green color that makes it unique to this rare gemstone. A beautiful addition for any mineral collector. 

Known as the gemstone that brings joy to the heart & peace to the mind, Prehnite represents the 4th (Heart) and 3rd (Solar Plexus) Chakra. 

This variety of Prehnite rings have Epidote, the dark green needles you see within the gem. Not all Prehnite have Epidote, it is only found in rare pockets when mined. Epidote is said to aid in the release of negativity and help embrace positive patterns.

• Rough & polish specimen 
• Genuine Prehnite gemstone, with Epidote. 
• Druzy pockets 

Location: This gentle & translucent green gem is mined in Australia, France, China (also known as “Grape Jade”), South Africa, Scotland and New Jersey, USA. This stone is found in nature in both a stone and crystalline form.

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