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Pink/Violet Amethyst • Large crystal formations

Pink/Violet Amethyst • Large crystal formations

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Pink Amethyst is a pale variation of Amethyst. It has a very gentle & loving energy, making it perfect for bedrooms or harmonizing common spaces like living rooms. 

Whether displayed as art or used to create/enhance your altar or sacred space, this beautiful crystals are truly a gift from Mother Gaia 💖

Pink Amethyst specifications: Best of both worlds! Purple/Lavender/Rose color hues all together. Rosy pink colors w/ lavender color patches and veins… beautiful large crystal formations. A truly stunning piece for any crystal collector! Makes for a great gift as well. Approximately 7 1/2” inches tall!

Born: Pink Amethyst is found in Patagonia, Argentina. The colors are a result of Hematite Inclusions. This beautiful form of Quartz crystal is closer to the characteristics to Amethyst than Rose Quartz and is therefore described as Pink Amethyst. 

Ps. Pink Amethyst represents unconditional love + connection of the heart + emotional healing + non-judgmental approach to others.

With his swirling lavenders and pinks it creates a union of the Brow (6th) & Heart (4th) chakra. 

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