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Half Moon Dangle Earrings | Prehnite

Gems & Metals

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Prehnite possesses a mesmerizing apple green color that makes it unique to this rare gemstone. A beautiful addition for any "gemstone jewelry lover" as we like to say :)

Known as the gemstone that brings joy to the heart & peace to the mind, Prehnite represents the 4th (Heart) and 3rd (Solar Plexus) Chakra. 

• Handcrafted in .925 Sterling Silver 
• Natural Prehnite gemstone, round 

Ps.  Approximate lenght is 1 1/2” 

These lightweight and delicate earrings features Prehnite gemstones that dangle from high-polish sterling silver half-hoops, add this beauty to your collection! 

Location: This gentle & translucent green gem is mined in Australia, France, China (also known as “Grape Jade”), South Africa, Scotland and New Jersey, USA. This stone is found in nature in both a stone and crystalline form.

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