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Charoite | Pendant

Charoite | Pendant

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Incredibly mesmerizing to look at! 💜 We consider Charoite one of the most attractive gemstone for jewelry making.

It’s vast variety of tones is amazing... from a marble-looking lavender color to a rich, deep violet.

Charoite is found in Siberia, the inspiration of its name is from the Charo river in that region.

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If you love the way gemstones stand out by themselves plus you prefer most of your gemstone having contact with your skin… you’ll love this collection!

No metal is used to set the gem around itself (no bezel setting), just a minimalist stainless steel clasp is securely set on its back so the gemstone can hang freely by any chain you choose to pair it with.  

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• Natural gemstone, one of a kind. Charoite pendant.
• Charoite gemstone set in a minimalist stainless steel bail  
• Chain is NOT included, you can shop our chains here

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