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Blue Lace Agate Drop Earrings • Lux Collection

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About Blue Lace Agate: It is a microcrystalline gemstone also from the Chalcedony group. It is known for its predominantly and stunningly beautiful light blue banded layers - what's not to love!?

♡ Born: Blue lace agate was discovered in Namibia, originally South West Africa... but small amounts have also been found in Brazil, India & various places in the United States. 

♡ Holistic: Is a soothing gemstone, its soft blue color & graceful banding is stimulating , but still exudes a calm energy. His energy resonates with the Throat Chakra, being an excellent gem to use as jewelry (or even carry a Blue Lace Agate stone in your pocket) when you need to boost your ability to express yourself and/or communicate in public in a clear way. This is why this gemstone is sometime called the "stone of the diplomat". 




- Natural Blue Lace Agate 
gemstone, rectangular cut
- Earrings, Crafted in Sterling Silver 
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