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Geode Box  • Break your Own Geode!

Geode Box • Break your Own Geode!

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Geodes are hollow, spherical cave-like rocks that have NATURAL crystal formations inside of them.

Fun & educational 💎🔨  Kids will love breaking open their own Geode! 

Perfect for Gem collectors and enthusiasts as well 

What you'll get:
• Box of 3 Geodes
• Instructions on how to break them open!
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A crafty way to spark your kids imagination & learning experience to a whole new level of fun this Easter! 

This Break Your Own Geode - Easter Egg Box will include a kit of:
- Vibrant, pastel colored acrylic paints (5)
- Paint Brush
- Dab sponge (for adding fun polka dots designs if they want!)
- Box w/ 3 Geodes + instructions on how to break them open

How to:

♡ Set up a place for craft and gather your kids for a fun time of egg painting, with a twist! Let them choose from the acrylic color combinations to paint the outer surface of the  "eggs" (druzy geodes "eggs" that is!). 
♡ You can talk to them about how these natural geode rocks form and what should they expect the next day they break them open. Oh, the anticipation! :)
♡ Once they've created their masterpieces, leave the geodes in a place where they can completely air dry at least for 24hours.
♡ Next day (kids would be very excited with all the anticipation) gather your "eggs" and under adult supervision, break open your geodes together & discover a world full of crystal inside!