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Floating Gemstones Collection: Moonstone

Gems & Metals

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Mystical and vibrant shades of blue makes this Labradorite pendant special, add it to your collection!

No metal is used to set the gem, just a wide hole was carefully drilled at the top of each Labradorite gemstone so they can hang freely by a thin, sterling silver chain. 

- Natural Moonstone gemstone, hand cut & polished
- 925 Sterling Silver Cube Chain, 18” in length 

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Friendly reminder! Be mindful that this gem is not protected by any metal, it’s just the natural stone - please take care of this beautiful piece while wearing it. If you’re being active (like doing exercise or dancing) just be aware that if you’re necklace hits something strong or falls, it may break or crack. Like Crystal Quartz, Moonstones is between a 6-6.5 in the “Mohs” scale of hardnes (diamonds are a 10).