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Agate Earrings

Blue Lace Agate, Earrings • Small Pear Shape Design

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Agate is a banded variety of the mineral Chalcedony and it was 1st discovered thousands of years ago, on the banks of the ancient Greek river Achates, in Sicily (now called the Dirillo River).

Born worldwide, Agate is found throughout the world is a vast array of color combinations... this said, the color and banding patterns vary depending on pressure, temperature and the mineral content. 

About Blue Lace Agate: It is a microcrystalline gemstone also from the Chalcedony group. It is known for its predominantly and stunningly beautiful light blue banded layers - what's not to love!?

♡ Born: Blue lace agate was discovered in Namibia, originally South West Africa... but small amounts have also been found in Brazil, India & various places in the United States. 

♡ Holistic: Is a soothing gemstone, its soft blue color & graceful banding is stimulating , but still exudes a calm energy. His energy resonates with the Throat Chakra, being an excellent gem to use as jewelry (or even carry a Blue Lace Agate stone in your pocket) when you need to boost your ability to express yourself and/or communicate in public in a clear way. This is why this gemstone is sometime called the "stone of the diplomat". 




- Natural Blue Lace Agate 
gemstone, small pear cut shape 
- Earrings, Crafted in Sterling Silver 
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